The PurpleDoor App

Once you download your PurpleDoor App you’ll be able to:

  • Create customised scorecards and score every door you visit

  • Read feedback others have left so you can better plan your visits

  • Leave feedback on each property + rate the agents performance

  • Compare the doors you’ve scored and make a move on the one you want!


First Time Users

  • Once you’ve downloaded your App the first screen to appear will be the Property Search Screen
  • Simply enter the address of a property you are looking to inspect using the search bar
  • When have found and selected the property you want, you will be able to start using the other features like building a scorecard, scoring a property, reading feedback etc

Entering a Property Address

  • Use the property search bar to enter the address of the property you are looking to inspect
  • Once you press ‘search’ your App will use Google Maps to find the address
  • A number of results will be returned – select the one you want
  • If your App couldn’t find a match you will have the option of using the address you entered into the search bar

Advanced Features

Did you know your PurpleDoor App can also…

  • Store the details of agents with each property in your App
  • Store multiple urls of the properties you have inspected
  • Make free text notes for each property
  • Use your location to see what properties have been open for inspection around you

So don’t delay, download PurpleDoor free from the App Store now!