This document is designed to inform you of all the information that PurpleDoor Collects, Uses and Transmits when you use the PurpleDoor App.

The purpose of PurpleDoor is to build the most useful knowledge base of facts and opinions that will assist property lovers to make the most of their Open for Inspection experiences.

In this spirit, we only collect what we need to make this happen and no more.

We have designed the PurpleDoor App so that it does not require users to register in order to use it and therefore we do not collect any information that directly identifies users.

All information provided is anonymous unless users have taken specific steps to provide their personal information for the express purpose of being identified and contacted.

The detailed information about how PurpleDoor collects, uses and transmits your information is organized in the following areas:

  1. Using Location Services & Google Maps
  2. Collection of other data
  3. How we use the data we collect
  4. Google Analytics Tracking
  5. The advertisements served on the App
  6. Security
  7. How to report breaches of this policy
  8. PurpleDoor contact details
  9. Useful privacy links (know your rights)


1. Using Location Services and Google Maps

The PurpleDoor App has been built to offer users the ability to use their device’s location services to identify where they are (using GPS coordinates).

These coordinates allow the PurpleDoor team to correlate where the users device is in relation to properties on the Purpledoor database for which we have the GPS coordinates (that we have sourced from Google Maps).

When combining both these sets of coordinates we can identify for users properties that they may be interested in that are within a few kilometers of their current location.

It is NOT mandatory to use location services.

The Location Services function has only been made available in the PurpleDoor App so as to make it convenient for PurpleDoor users to find properties near them.

We do not use this function for any other purposes.

The information that is collected is only used to provide the GPS coordinates and these coordinates are used to find properties in our database that are nearby.

Only the properties already in our PurpleDoor database are served. These are not properties from any other source.

Using Google Maps to find a property’s address

The PurpleDoor App uses Google Maps to find the properties that best match the address (partial or fully completed) that users type into the PurpleDoor search screen.

Whether or not you use your location services, when you commence entering an address on the Purpledoor Search screen and you have internet connectivity, Google Maps will interact with your PurpleDoor App.

The information that is provided is the property address and nothing more. None of your device’s information is passed on to Google Maps other than the property details you have provided.

2. Collection of Other Data

Your PurpleDoor App will collect and store the following information you have provided on your device and replicate it on the PurpleDoor database (which is on our own servers):

  • Property address records created as a result of searching for a home
  • Property feedback records collected from the ‘Give Feedback’ form
  • Agent feedback records & scores collected from the ‘Agent Rating’ form
  • Comment records collected from property feedback forms & agent rating forms
  • Agent details records collected from the ‘Agent Details’ form
  • Inspector records collected from the ‘Your Details’ form as part of the ‘Rate the Agent’ feature
  • Scorecard templates created as a result of the ‘Build Scorecard’ form
  • Custom Questions created as a result of the ‘Custom Question’ form
  • Scorecard answers collected as a result of the ‘Score Property’ form
  • Notes records collected as a result of the ‘Notes’ form


If you do not identify yourself on the ‘Your Details’ form as part of the ‘Rate the Agent’ feature, we do not replicate any information to the server that identifies you to these records.

If you do identify yourself on the ‘Your Details’ form as part of the ‘Rate the Agent’ feature, we replicate your details to our PurpleDoor server. In this instance your details are only stored so that they can be passed on to the Agent with your agent rating and comment. They are not used for any other purpose or provided to any other third party.

Any of the information we replicate to the server may be used by us to make improvements to the application or to create statistical information that we may publish to the App or the PurpleDoor website. We do not use your personal details (if provided as per above) to perform any of this work.

3. How we use the data we collect

All of the data we collect is going to be used to help the PurpleDoor user community have a better ‘Open for Inspection’ experience.

This will be in the form of published feedback (Read Feedback screen) inside the PurpleDoor App. In addition to this we will be providing specific information (again as averages and not attributing any information to unique individuals) on the PurpleDoor website (

The information published on the website may include aggregated comments (where multiple users gave the same response), the most popular scorecard criteria for a given property (where multiple users had the same criteria in their scorecards for the same property).

In specific circumstances where there is enough common evidence we will communicate with poorly rated agents and or property owners to pass on the aggregated feedback and comments associated with a particular property.

4. Google Analytics Tracking

We have built the PurpleDoor App with Google Analytics tracking on specific pages within the PurpleDoor App.

These pages are the Search screen, The Property Summary screen, Read Other People’s Feedback screen, Rate the Agent Screen, Compare Properties screen and Inspection List screen.

The purpose of this Google Analytics tracking is to help us make improvements over time. As not all users will give us direct feedback as to how the PurpleDoor App could be improved, we will use the Google Analytics information to infer how we could improve these pages by studying the flow of traffic from page to page.

There is no way to turn off the Google Analytics tracking

5. The advertisements served on the App

The PurpleDoor App has only one page where Advertisements are served – the Read Feedback page. These ads are served by Goodle AdMobile ( and PurpleDoor will monitor these ads to ensure they are appropriate for the PurpleDoor community.

No information about you or your use of the PurpleDoor App is sent to Google AdMob.

6. Security

We use secure servers so your information is protected as best as it can be. If there are any security breaches we will place notifications on our website to inform users.

There is no other way we can communicate with our user base as we do not collect user contact details.

If you have any issues regarding the security of your information provided to PurpleDoor please contact us at

7. How to report breaches of this policy

If you have any issues regarding the privacy of your information provided to PurpleDoor please contact us at

8. PurpleDoor contact details

If you have any issues regarding the use of your PurpleDoor App please contact us

9. Useful privacy links

If you would like to know more about your privacy rights take a look at the Australian (Commonwealth) Privacy Act 1998 and other links below: