www.gotoguy.com.au Australia’s First Item Verification and Inspection Service. You can use a Go To Guy to do an open for inspection on your behalf.

www.thehomepage.com.au is a great listing site covering all of Australia. It lets agents list for free so you might find properties here you won’t see elsewhere.

www.millionplus.com.au is a niche listing site focused on properties that are asking $1m+. It is well laid out, easy to search and presents each home with a bit more refinement that the two mainstream sites.

www.homely.com.au a new and innovative property listing portal to compete with realestate.com.au and Domain.

www.realestate.com.au  The largest real estate portal in Australia.

www.domain.com.au  The second largest real estate portal in Australia.

www.onthehouse.com.au  Australia’s only real estate website that combines historical property data and Guesstimate values with what’s now on the market to buy or rent.

www.realestateview.com.au  Another large real estate portal in Australia that offers a number of tools to help you find your perfect property.

www.rpdata.com  Claims to be the # 1  provider of property information, analytics and risk management services.

www.allhomes.com.au  Search over 10 million properties for past sales data, land maps and other real estate information. Has a useful open for inspection trip planner tool as well.

www.homepriceguide.com.au  Owned and operated by Fairfax and linked to their Domain portal, you can research past property prices as well as get a guestimate on how much your property might be worth.

www.apimagazine.com.au  Lots of great articles, blogs and resources about property in Australia.