This page allows you to see how properties compare against each other. Selecting a scorecard to perform the comparison Firstly, you will need to select the scorecard that the properties you want to compare have been scored with i.e ‘buy to occupy’ or ‘buy to rent’ scorecard. Once you have done this you will be able to see all the properties that you scored using this scorecard and be able to compare their scores. However you should note:

  • To compare properties you need to have used the same scorecard for each. This is so that you’re criteria for comparison is common across all properties and your comparison will be fair
  • The app populates the Scorecard field with the name of the scorecard you have most recently either a) created or b) used to score a property
  • To change the scorecard that will be used to score the home click on the scorecard field & the app will allow you to select a different scorecard.

  What do the icons mean on this page? Property % The property percentage defines how closely the property met the criteria you defined in your scorecard. The property % is calculated by the equation: (Total number of points awarded across all questions / total number of available points)/100 Please note that no weighting is given to any score card criteria. It is a simple 1-3 point scale (1 point for bad, 2 points for OK and 3 points for Great). Purple Doors The Purple Doors displayed next to the property are a graphical way of displaying the percentage score given to the property. The purple doors are awarded as follows:

1 Door = Property has scored between 1% & 33%
2 Doors = Property has scored between 34% & 50%
3 Doors = Property has scored between 51% & 66
4 Doors = Property has scored between 67% & 82%
5 Doors = Property has scored between 83% or above

  What does ! mean? This means that you have not answered all questions on the scorecard for this property. As a result, a % score cannot be given to the property. To complete the scorecard for the property, press on the ! and you will taken to the property scorecard so that you can complete it.   Note: You may have previously scored the property but since your original scoring you may have added a question to the scorecard. When this happens, all the properties you previously scored using this scorecard require you to answer this new question. Property Order Properties are ordered on this screen from highest score to lowest score. Viewing the property If you click on the property name you will be taken to the property so that you can review any of the information you have recorded about it. Viewing the score card If you click on the purple doors or the % awarded to the property or the ! (if displayed) you will be taken to the scorecard so that you can review it. Removing a property If you have decided that you are no longer interested in the property you can click on the ball (to the right of the property) and this will add the property to your Excluded list. The Excluded list”is displayed at the bottom of the page. How to get the best out of this function? Use this function after you visit more than one property to get a feeling for which property might best suit your needs. It should help you to balance your heart and your

head. For example, if you’ve visited a home and said ‘Yes, perfect’ you should score the property and then compare it against others you visit. You might find that while the property felt wonderful, it didn’t score as well as another property. This might not change your mind but might help you to investigate further so that you make the best decision for you.