Use PurpleDoor to collect great quality feedback!

Agents can now get feedback from all the people who attend their Open Homes… including those who:

  • didn’t feel the property suited them
  • didn’t want to give feedback to the agent face to face
  • didn’t want to have a conversation in front of other attendees at the open home
  • didn’t have time to wait to speak to the agent
  • wanted to see other properties before giving their feedback

We have talked to a lot of agents and we know that they really don’t like soliciting feedback because it distracts them from making attendees feel welcome and relaxed.

But we know the only way agents can have a really good post Open Home conversation with owners is with great feedback.

The solution is to let PurpleDoor do the heavy lifting for you and collect the feedback (anonymously which attendees prefer) so you can focus on attending to the needs of your open home guests.


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