Doors with Scores

Doors (or properties) that have been scored and given feedback

We believe the property hunt in Australia would be vastly improved if there was some way to tell the relative suitability of one place over another. To us, this is the ‘Score on the Door’. It’s not a perfect measure, but it is much better than the void of qualitative information available right now!

The most important measure on your property hunt is your own personal scorecard score (which no one else can see) but if you could see what the average was for a property using the scores from everyone who had visited, then it would be very useful in determining how appealing it would be for you.

We’ve just started out so we are busy encouraging PurpleDoor users to score every door they visit to begin populating the database. When we have enough data for enough properties we will begin publishing the scores and users will be able to search for a property to see the average scores as in the example below.

We are working on processing the qualitative data and commentary collected so far and we will publish them as soon as possible.

In the meantime, if you are looking for reviews of properties the PurpleDoor Team have done go to our Property Review Blog on Tumblr.

This is an example of what you’ll be able to see for each property address you search for (when we’re done):

Results for: 1 Anywhere Street, Thisplace, Earth

Average Score on Door

Average score on door: 80%

# of contributors: 75

Average # of criteria used: 10

Public Feedback (Ave)

Was as advertised: Yes=100% No=0%

Was worth inspecting: Yes=100% No=0%

On average was worth: $1,700,000

Agent was rated:  Great

It best suits: Young Families

Public Comments

On the property..

“we thought this place was awesome except the toilet hadn’t been cleaned in a long time”

“great for adults but not for young children – too many stairs and high areas to fall from”

On agents..

“the agent was very helpful – she had a lot of local knowledge as well which helped us”