We are on a mission to improve the property hunt for everyone, everywhere!

PurpleDoor has been the culmination of about 5 years of research and development put into improving the property hunt.

Starting with our first tree-change property, we used an early prototype of the current PurpleDoor process to lock down our criteria, refine them with each open home we attended, and then score every door and suburb we visited.

After our first home purchase using this method, we vowed to make it even better and part of that was to put it into an App format so that others could use it too.


Our PurpleDoor mission is to put a score on every door in the world to make it easier for buyers & renters to make up their minds

The team behind PurpleDoor

Paul – everything non IT
e: paul@purpledoor.com.au

Deb – everything IT
e: deb@purpledoor.com.au