Know more than anyone else…

  • Capture every inspection you do and keep it forever
  • Learn from each inspection what you like, what you don’t like and why
  • See the feedback & ratings other people left and why
  • Build up a knowledge base of good agents and bad ones

Know quickly whether it’s for you or not…

  • Know exactly what your looking for when you turn up (no wandering around aimlessly)
  • Score an entire house in under 60 seconds
  • Get an instant score and comparison to others you’ve scored already

Be sure it’s right (when your heart loves it, check that your head does too!)

  • Objectively score every property making sure it ticks all the boxes it needs to before you commit
  • Understand how one property stacks up against others you’ve already scored
  • Check the feedback of similar properties that you haven’t had a chance to inspect yet before you make a final choice

The PurpleDoor App is your mobile Open for Inspection Toolkit


Using PurpleDoor on your property hunt

1. Finding the properties you like

Use your favourite listing sites, local papers, or agent flyers







2. Using PurpleDoor before the inspection


Check the feedback others have left before you commit to an inspection.


Enter the address, date and time of inspection (you can capture the property listing url and the agents details as well).


Create a scorecard of the specific features you want

3. Using PurpleDoor at the inspection


Turn up to each open home and put a score on the door using your scorecard


Leave your feedback, make notes, rate the agent


Compare all the properties you scored to help you make your property selection

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